Marriage: The Great Sacrament – Elder Aimilianos of Simonopetra Monastery, Holy Mount Athos, Greece





Marriage: The Great Sacrament


Elder Aimilianos of Simonopetra Monastery,

Holy Mount Athos, Greece



On (June 25 / July 8), the Russian Orthodox Church celebrates Saints Peter and Febronius, and the nation celebrates an official “Day of “Family, Love, and Faithfulness.” To honor the day, we have posted a classic homily on this theme by Archimandrite Aimilianos of Simonopetra, Mount Athos from the website, Orthodox Christian Information Center. Fr. Aimilianos gives excellent advice not only to young people thinking about marriage, but also to married couples, who are carrying their saving cross in life, travelling together as one body to the Kingdom of Heaven.

Bride and groom during an orthodox wedding

Nobody would dispute that the most important day in a person’s life, after his birth and baptism, is that of his marriage. It is no surprise, then, that the aim of contemporary worldly and institutional upheavals is precisely to crush the most honorable and sacred mystery of marriage. For many people, marriage is an opportunity for pleasures and amusements. Life, however, is a serious affair. It is a spiritual struggle, a progression toward a goal—heaven. The most crucial juncture, and the most important means, of this progression is marriage. It is not permissible for anyone to avoid the bonds of marriage, whether he concludes a mystical marriage by devoting himself to God, or whether he concludes a sacramental one with a spouse.

Today we will concern ourselves primarily with sacramental marriage. We will consider how marriage can contribute to our spiritual life, in order to continue the theme of our previous talk.[1] We know that marriage is an institution established by God. It is “honorable” (Heb 13.4). It is a “great mystery” (Eph 5.32). An unmarried person passes through life and leaves it; but a married person lives and experiences life to the full.

One wonders what people today think about the sacred institution of marriage, this “great mystery”, blessed by our Church. They marry, and it’s as if two checking accounts or two business interests were being merged. Two people are united without ideals, two zeros, you could say. Because people without ideals, without quests, are nothing more than zeros. “I married in order to live my life”, you hear people say, “and not to be shut inside four walls”. “I married to enjoy my life”, they say, and then they hand over their children—if they have children—to some strange woman so they can run off to the theater, the movies, or to some other worldly gathering. And so their houses become hotels to which they return in the evening, or, rather, after midnight, after they’ve had their fun and need to rest. Such people are empty inside, and so in their homes they feel a real void. They find no gratification there, and thus they rush and slide from here to there, in order to find their happiness.

They marry without knowledge, without a sense of responsibility, or simply because they wish to get married, or because they think they must in order to be good members of society. But what is the result? We see it every day. The shipwrecks of marriage are familiar to all of us. A worldly marriage, as it is Continue reading “Marriage: The Great Sacrament – Elder Aimilianos of Simonopetra Monastery, Holy Mount Athos, Greece”


How to preserve a relationship? – Fr. Andrew Konanos, Greece


How to preserve a relationship?

Fr. Andrew Konanos, Greece

Your life has become a routine. You feel that a person close to you has become boring. You have studied him or her for so many years. You are used to them, but you are tired of them. This is what you think. What is this person really like? You know them well for sure. Just as usual, they reveal something new to you. Something that you did not know, some beautiful part of their soul. If you understand this, you will see they have many more capabilities. Then your interest in them will be awakened in the depths of your soul. Your relationship will become new and fresh again. Any relationship can be pleasant: with your spouse, your children, and your co-workers.

As holy fathers suggested, it is enough for everyone to look at oneself philosophically. That is, to examine oneself, wonder, if Christ reflects in one, then say: «Why was Jesus like that, and I am completely different? What do I have? What do I lack? Why am I so fussy? Why is everyone around me to blame? Why are my wings broken? After all, I am still so young! Future is ahead! I cannot go on like this!”

So, find your calling. Search. Pay attention to your charisma. Listen closely to Continue reading “How to preserve a relationship? – Fr. Andrew Konanos, Greece”

Why children lose their faith in God? – Fr. Sergius Chetverikov, Washington, USA


Why children lose their faith in God?

Fr. Sergius Chetverikov, Washington, USA



Before answering that question, I want to say a few words to those who assert that one should not “impose” religious beliefs on children.

Religious faith cannot be imposed upon a person. It is not something extraneous to a person, but rather an essential, necessary requirement of human nature, the principal content of a person’s inner life.

When we take care to see that a child should grow up truthful, kind, when we nurture within him a proper understanding of beauty, taste for excellence, we do not impose upon him something alien or contrary to his nature; we merely help him to extricate him from himself, as it were to take him out of diapers and allow him to perceive for himself those attributes and impulses that are entirely characteristic of the human soul.

The same must be said about apprehension of God.

Following the principle of not imposing anything on the child’s soul, we would have to entirely refuse to participate in the child’s development and strengthening of his spiritual powers and abilities. We would leave him entirely to himself until he grows up and distinguishes between what he should and Continue reading “Why children lose their faith in God? – Fr. Sergius Chetverikov, Washington, USA”

What is that? – Video



What is that?

Marriage & Virginity in Christ – Blessed Fr. Epiphanios Theodoropoulos of Athens, Greece (+1989)



Marriage & Virginity in Christ

Blessed Fr. Epiphanios Theodoropoulos of Athens, Greece (+1989)

How crafty the devil is! To young people who managed to unite in Christian marriage he whispers, “How much better you would be if you went to the monastery and lived the heavenly spiritual pleasures, far from the cares of family life which sever you and keep you down!” While to those who went to the monastery, as they desired the life of virginity in Christ, he whispers, “How much better you would be, if you got married and made your home a temple of God, living the joys of marital life, far from ascetic mortification and the loneliness which depresses you!” And if the married one became a monk and the monk married, he would tell them the opposite. All this to throw the person into despair and to pull him from the path of salvation. For the path of salvation is both blessed marriage and virginity in Christ.

Blessed Fr. Epiphanios Theodoropoulos of Athens, Greece (+1989)

(Taken from Elder Epiphanios in “Precious Vessels of the Holy Spirit”, Protecting Veil Press)

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Love is the beauty of the soul – Saint Augustine of Hippo, North Africa (+430)

Love is the beauty of the soul.

—Saint Augustine of Hippo, North Africa (+430)

聖經講道:十架上的愛 Love on the Cross ╰⊰¸¸.•¨* Chinese



聖經講道:十架上的愛 – Love on the Cross








耶稣基督被钉十字架 – The Crucifixion of Jesus Christ

約翰福音3: 13-17













罪,其實就是愛的扭曲,愛的變形。罪,就是我想要對方,但我要對方成為我想要的樣子,我要對方按照我想要的方式來對待我。這並非神愛我們的方式。神愛我們,如我們之所是。神甚至繼續愛著魔鬼,事實上,如果神有一天不再愛魔鬼,魔鬼還會覺得好過一些。因為魔鬼會感到自己被懲罰了,已經付出代價了,所以不再需要承受神的愛了。但如同許多教父,包括St. Issac of Syria所說的,無條件的愛,對魔鬼來說,就是地獄。神無條件地、不求回報地愛,但魔鬼完完全全拒絕了。








今天教會的于涓從美國返台,她獲得聖像畫的學位,成為聖像畫家和教師。在十幾小時的飛行後,一下飛機就直接趕到教會來,參加聖禮儀。她也發行了一本新書“The Life of Jesus by icons”,以視覺化的方式,介紹耶穌的一生,是傳福音的好方法,也更適合華人的心靈。感謝主,我們有了第一位華人世界的聖像畫家,如果有任何人想要邀請于涓授課,我們會感到十分榮幸,當然,這也是來自神的祝福。也請持續為于涓祈禱!

4.09.07 聖十字架節前一主日